Panelmas Desk Calendar 2015

Panelmas Desk Calendar 2015

PT. Asia Panelmas Indonesia is a Cold Storage and Sandwich Panels manufacturer and distributor in Jakarta, Indonesia. Some of Panelmas products are Sandwich Panel, Polyurethane Board and Cold Storage Insulated Door which are commonly used as the main material for building Cold Storage, Air Blast Freezer, Chiller, Clean rooms.

As a part of marketing and branding, in 2015 PT.Asia Panelmas Indonesia gives away some desk calendar to clients and suppliers.

The design this year is focusing in the project that has been done in the previous year. This is a good marketing tool, because calendar is bound to be use by everybody. The design is still focusing on the color blue, white and a hint of yellow for accent.

With each year of the calendar, there are always quotes on each page about consumer satisfaction, product quality and good sales attitude. The quotes are meant to give a positive image about the company culture and service.

For the dates, the

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