Taste of Argentina

Taste of Argentina

Taste of Argentina is a new experience of private dining. Coming all the way from Argentina, their signature dish is BBQ with Argentine style.

The main idea is focusing on the way Argentine BBQ is made. The grill, the food and the chef by itself are quite unique. The client chooses this image because it represents the way Argentine chef cook the BBQ. To emphasize the Argentina side, the client required to put the color of Argentina flag. The main color of the flag is light blue and white. The gradient color of yellow and brown is from the sun image on the flag.

The main color of this logo is chocolate, with a hint of wood pattern for the chef image. By using a wood pattern, I want to picture the feel of the authenticity of the food.

The logo comes with a more simplified version of 2-tone and 1-tone color, to be applied on different media.

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